Buggs Island Brewing Signature BeerMainsail Amber Ale - ABV: 6.1%

Hint of sweet from the caramel notes & malt forward flavor, this American Amber Ale is sure to be a palette pleaser. Our first beer we ever brewed here at BIB, so you can say this is the one that help build our brewery. 

Buggs Island Brewing Signature BeerGypsy Beach Pale Ale - ABV: 6.0%

Subtle Hop & malt blend makes this American pale ale a good building block for non-hop enthusiasists. It's perfect to enjoy while sitting & watching the boats pass by Gypsy Beach. 

Buggs Island Brewing Signature BeerWithout a Paddle IPA - ABV: 6.4%

Mild IPA with hoppy aroma but not a lot of lingering bitterness. A good, solid, drinkable IPA to enjoy on or off the lake. 

Buggs Island Brewing Signature BeerKerr Lake Kolsch - ABV: 5.7%

Crisp & refreshing make this German-style Kolsch our most popular beer at BIB. Light with subtle fruit aromas, it's  perfect to sip on a hot day on Buggs Island Lake. 

Buggs Island Brewing Signature BeerPontoon Sunset Porter - ABV: 5.7%

A full mouth feel with undertones of a roasty flavor & notes of chocolate. Our BIB Porter has none of that typical bitterness, just deep brown hues, smooth sips, & creamy head. 

Buggs Island Brewing Signature BeerLifejacket Required IPA - ABV: 7.0%

A citrus smash IPA! The intense Citrus aromas & strong hop kick will leave your mouth watering for more & more. Second favorite amongst BIB patrons. 


Buggs Island Brewing Signature BeerVanilla Porter

Our signature Pontoon Sunset Porter with a splash of vanilla flavor added to taste. 

Buggs Island Brewing Signature BeerBlueberry Kolsch

Our Flagship Kerr Lake Kolsch with a hint & nose of blueberry flavor added to taste. 

Buggs Island Brewing Signature BeerSummer Shandy A refreshing twist on our Kolsch

Our Flagship Kerr Lake Kolsch with a third of Sprite spritzer added makes this the perfect refreshing beer for all non-beer drinkers. 

Buggs Island Brewing Signature BeerBlack & Tan A combination of our Amber Ale & Porter

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Buggs Island Brewing Signature BeerThe Jackal A combination of our flagship IPAs

Perfect combination for IPA lovers. A combo of our flagship Lifejacket Required & Without a Paddle. 

Buggs Island Brewing Signature BeerThe Hoss A combination of our Amber Ale & Kolsch

We are not afraid to mix any of our flagships to create something pleasing for all palettes. The Hoss combines our Mainsail Amber Ale & Kerr Lake Kolsch. 

Buggs Island Brewing Signature BeerThe George A BIB black and tan - a combination of our Porter & Kolsch

Once you try a George, you will keep coming back for more! Flagship combo of Sunset Pontoon Porter & Kerr Lake Kolsch creates a tasty BIB black & tan. 

Buggs Island Brewing Signature BeerThe Wendell A combination of our Amber Ale & Pale Ale

What can we say about the Wendell? Well, it's the Wendell. A flagship combo of Mainsail Amber Ale & Gypsy Pale Ale that is worth a try!